How to order?

We have a detailed page on how to order - found here.

How to create an account?

You can create an account by entering your details on this page.

Can I order before I open my shop?

Yes. As long as you meet our minimum order requirements, we are happy to assist you in what ever you need. We encourage you to present our products in a professional manner and prefer for you to use our images.

How can I see your prices?

Create an account and log in. Once logged on you will see our prices and will be able to order online. There is no obligation to register.  You can create your account here.

Are the prices on your website wholesale prices?

Yes, once you log in you will see our prices on each product page. These prices are how much we charge for the product.

Can I set my own retail prices?

Yes you can. You know your market and the environment best for your customers. We recommend that you at least 2x the prices from experience.

Can everyone see your prices?

Anyone with an email address can sign up to view the prices. But only shops will be allowed to place an order. We vet all orders to determine that they are buying for the purpose of reselling. If we find out that any of them are not businesses, we will cancel their order. Also, the minimum order amount deters most of the individuals from purchasing for personal use.


Can I use your photos?

Yes, you may use the photos for marketing purposes, listing the product on your store and social media. The photos can be downloaded directly from our website where they have been optimised for online use to increase loading speed.

How does Korean Sizing Work?

We provide a sizing guide for each brand on each product.

How are the products packaged?

Products are not individually packed, they are packed in bulk as tightly as possible to keep the shipping fees on a minimum.

Are products made in Korea?

Most of the products are made in Korea. Only very few of them are not. If they aren’t made in Korea this will be mentioned in the description.

Will products have tags?

No, the products do not have tags and are not individually wrapped. But we do offer this service. Please contact us for more details.

Am I allowed to relabel the products?

The sewn in tags are not to be removed as it would damage the brands image.


When do your seasons start?

Spring – starts in January.

Summer - starts at the end of March.

Fall – starts mid August.

Winter – starts early October.

New products will sell for about 3-6 weeks. A fast-selling product will usually sell out in 3 weeks or less, but most brands will restock their fast-selling products if their production capacity/schedule and the availability of the fabric allow it.

Why my products I ordered are not available?

We work hard to keep up to date with the availability and stock of the products. However, with the number of items we have in our store it is very hard to to keep it 100% accurate. New products will sell for about 3-6 weeks. A fast-selling product will usually sell out in 3 weeks or less, but most brands will restock their fast-selling products if their production capacity/schedule and the availability of the fabric allow it.

When will you ship my order?

Once your order is confirmed by the suppliers, we will confirm the date it will be shipped to us. Once it has been shipped to us, we will be able to share tracking link with you for your peace of mind. Once we receive the items from the suppliers we will check the order, carry out any additional services and ship it to you.

What happens when some of the items are on backorder?

We will email you once we know that your items are on back order. They usually restock in 1-2 weeks. You cannot cancel backordered items that we have paid reservations for.

You may request 2 shipments in which case we can ship the readily available items and make a second shipment with backordered items.  

What happen when part of my order is sold out?

We will refund you the amount of money for sold out items after the order is completed or the amount can be used to cover shipping costs.

Can I cancel my order?

Once the order is placed your order cannot be cancelled unless the items are out of stock as we start processing the orders immediately.

Can I Add to my order?

Yes, you can always add to the order but the processing time could be increased. We can also send it in separate shipments should you wish. To add items to your order just add items to cart and place another order and we will be able to combine them.


Can I return unsold or unwanted items?

No returns are accepted.

Do you refund for defective items?

Yes, we do, but we rarely get any issues as we check all the garments thoroughly before we send them out.

Shipping / Customs

How long is the shipping?

Shipping time will be 3-5 days worldwide, once the product has been received by us. In the United Kingdom, we offer next day delivery.

How much is shipping to my country?

The shipping cost depends on these factors:

1.Weight and volume of your order

2.Destination country

3.Shipping method

Shipping will be calculated once the items are ready but its around 10-15% of total order value. Contact us for specific information for your country.

Why does the shipment company ask me to pay for receiving the parcel?

Here are some additional costs related to taxes that are not included in our shipping fees. You need to pay the additional costs to us. These are the additional costs:

Duty (import tax)

Buyers from the European Union (EU) do not pay any duty for the Korean products offered on this website.

VAT or Sales tax

Contact us for more specific information for your country.

Why is my parcel delayed?

Shipments are sometimes delayed due to customs clearances. This is out of our control and we do whatever we can to ensure that this doesn’t happen on our end. You can track the progress of the shipment online via a tracking link provided by us.

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