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Our mission is to provide the world with baby clothes that are different to your usual everyday baby clothes. We are not interested in the silly patterns and unicorns, we like it simple, some would say a minimalistic approach. Just imagine adult looking baby clothes, kind off... We agree with the term less is more :).

To start off we have opened an online store www.mylittlemonkey.co.uk that did really well and we have received numerous requests by baby clothes shop owners to sell wholesale. We thought why not and have set up our own wholesale to bring other store owners baby clothes that are unique and have the best quality for its price. Our My Little Monkey store prides itself in the great quality of clothing that we sourced from our trusted brands in South Korea.

With great experience processing and fulfilling 100's + of orders a day with My Little Monkey fulfilling large orders in a short space of time will not be an issue. 

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